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All students have an individual learning programme. This will consist of vocational subjects and personal and social development/life skills sessions. Students attend an assessment and together we decide what you want and need to learn. 

Yes, all students will be allocated Maths and English classes unless they have achieved GCSE or have a reason to be exempt. 

Most students come to college for 2 or 3 years. Each learning programme is individual and all students work at their own pace to achieve their outcomes. 

Parents will be advised of travel assistance by the local authority and if eligible will be able to apply.

Yes, staff sleep in the lodge and are available when needed. If a student needs waking night staff then this would be assessed and discussed. 

Some students stay weekends and only go home during the college holidays. Some go home every weekend. 

A full week is 4.5 days. Sessions run from 9am-3pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-12pm Fridays. 

It is mandatory for staff to work towards BSL level 2, with many having level 3, and some level 6. 

Each student is assessed and staff support is allocated to meet individual need. Classes remain small for all students. 

All students primary need must be a communication difficulty, which can include many things including Deafness, Autism and Learning Difficulties. They must (unless funded other than through their local authority) have a current EHCP.

We take students from 16. The majority of our student are between 16-25, however a few are older. 

Yes, we offer this. Please call to discuss further.