Student working with staff
Student working with staff

The student cohort is diverse; varying in need from students with severe learning disabilities, who need one to one support at all times through to those students who are working towards level 3 vocational qualifications.  The college has all the vocational facilities of a mainstream college (hair salon, garage, sports centre, joinery workshops etc ). However, because our class sizes are small and communication, pastoral and therapeutic support is outstanding we can give young people, who can’t access a mainstream college, an opportunity to access the courses they want to. For many of the students who study at CSCD, their main barrier to learning is their communication/social needs. They can work at an academic level that would lead to paid work but the size, pace and level of language used in a mainstream college environment is too much for them which in turn affects their learning including confidence, self-esteem and motivation. CSCD ensures all these barriers are broken down to allow students to fully access all stages of this learning journey.

The holistic timetable allows students to recognise their wants, needs and aspirations by creating opportunities to develop talents to the full in a highly supportive total communication environment.  The curriculum is engaging and exciting, and is taught through a context that is meaningful to the students. Curriculum implementation is always carefully designed to ensure all students are developing skills to meet the needs of local and national employers as well as their independence, physical and emotional wellbeing.       

Staff all continue to work towards achieving level 2 / 3 in British Sign language through in -house teaching. All Deaf students having access to an on-site Teacher of the Deaf who works alongside specialist vocational tutors to ensure the delivery is at the correct level and supports them with strategies so barriers to learning are removed.

All students have the opportunity to access Speech and Language Therapists, smILE therapy, Counsellor, Occupational therapist, onsite Nurse and Audiologist, Rebound therapy, with access to CAMHS. This specialist therapy team work alongside the staff to ensure their skills and expertise are embedded in the curriculum to maximise the student’s potential to succeed in their chosen outcomes in life, living and work.

Our curriculum is made up of  3 pathways which students can access, Life, Living and Work. Their bespoke timetable will determine how much of their time is spent in each pathway.  Our intention is to enable students to fulfil their goals and aspirations - empowering them with a greater sense of direction for their futures.  Our support and therapy wraps around all of these pathways to meet individual need.