Staff and student putting payment into the café till
Staff and student putting payment into the café till

Employability Skills qualifications are designed to support an individual to successfully gain a job, progress in their chosen field, prepare them for further study and support the development of techniques required for successful independent living. The qualifications have been designed in collaboration with a range of experts to ensure the content matches what is needed and valued by today's employment market.

These qualifications are aimed at anyone who wants to live a more independent life, progress in education and / or their employment prospects, get into a job, develop on the job, or move onto the next job, as they progress along the career ladder. They also support individuals in learning and developing the key skills, qualities and attitudes which are wanted by all employers. These qualifications can assist chances of progressing in education and gaining employment in any industry. 

These qualifications are currently offered across three levels from Entry 2 to Level 1.

Entry 2

At Entry 2 learners will build a foundation of knowledge around the world of work and will undertake learning of the following units: Applying for a job, searching for a job, improve personal manner and conduct, working as part of a group, identify hazards in familiar settings, personal skills, effective communication, healthy living, making a safe journey and introduction to first aid.

Entry 3

At Entry 3 learners will advance into the practicalities of job searching, applying for a job and gain skills and confidence in their interview skills.

They will cover applying for a job, searching for a job, interview skills, preparing and attending an interview, working as part of a team, working safely, personal presentation and hygiene, recognise the benefits, of leisure time, creating a good impression on customers and basic first aid.

Level 1

At Level 1 learners will gain skills to support them in the world of work, building and developing skills and confidence whilst making applications.

Learners will cover career planning, making applications, searching for a job, interview skills, preparing for work, working as a team, building work relationships, contribute as part of a team, introduction to health and safety, awareness in the workplace, developing personal confidence, creating positive impressions on customers, first aid and basic food hygiene.

Additional Information

Underpinning knowledge is further enhanced by undertaking and becoming involved in organised industrial visits, work placements, basic food hygiene for Level 1 and above.