Dickson House Front
Dickson House Front

Dickson House and the North Flat are like any typical family home. 

Mornings are busy getting everyone up and ready for school, while evenings involve homework, relaxing, socialising with friends and activities, either at the Home or within the local community.

An example of a ‘typical day’ is demonstrated below:

  • Between 7-9am residents wake up, shower, have breakfast and any medication they require and make sure school bag is ready for the day ahead. Leave on time, escorted by care staff who walk residents to school and have a handover with the teaching staff.
  • During the day, staff from the home will complete any paperwork, or escort the residents to any appointments they may have such as dentist, doctor or opticians.
  • At 3.15pm, staff collect the children from school, have a handover with the teaching staff and walk them back to the Home.
  • Children are encouraged to get changed and complete their homework, with staff assistance if needed.
  • Staff cook tea for everyone and the young residents are encouraged to help with mealtimes to develop their independence skills. This includes preparing, cooking and tidying away.
  • Children have a choice of evening activities including swimming, bowling, attending a local club - street dancing, football training and scouts are popular choices - or just relaxing at the Home using the computer, DVD player or Wii console.
  • Children have supper and then get ready for bed.
  • Staff work with parents and professionals to make sure that sleep is promoted. Children are encouraged to go to bed at an age appropriate time so they are ready for the next day.
  • When the children are in bed, staff complete any necessary paperwork.

Weekends and holidays in Dickson House

Weekends and holidays in Dickson House and the North Flat provide more flexibility to the daily routine. Hobbies and activities are actively encouraged and staff are available to support and advise young people in their chosen pursuits.