Dickson House resident doing homework
Dickson House resident doing homework

Doncaster Deaf Trust has provided specialist education and training for many years and recognises that education, in all of its forms, is the cornerstone of personal growth and development.

All our children are engaged in formal and informal educational and learning opportunities, appropriate to their needs and age.

Children are educated on the Trust site at Doncaster School for the Deaf, a registered specialist school which is operated by the Trust. While undertaking their education, the children are supported by specialist teaching staff, care workers, social workers who visit from the child’s home area, Special Needs Services - where appropriate - educational psychologists and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) nurses.

All children will receive encouragement and assistance from staff to attend school regularly and educational achievements will be celebrated. All children have an Education Health Care Plan.

Care workers at Dickson House and the North Flat will support the children in resolving any issues and/or difficulties with the school and will attend school functions, parent evenings and help share information between home, school and parents if they cannot attend themselves. 

Dickson House and the North Flat have a wide range of reading materials, art and craft equipment, computers and internet access for all the children to use.

Homework is actively encouraged each evening Monday to Friday and, if no specific work has been set, children are encouraged to read or research a topic of their own choice to incorporate study time into their daily routine.  Children are also encouraged to attend after school/ evening and social clubs/groups to further develop their skills, interests and social contacts and boost their confidence and independence.