Dickson House Front
Dickson House Front

Additional Policies

As a registered children’s home, Dickson House and the North Flat have a number of policies, procedures and guidance principles which work in conjunction with the Children's Homes Regulations 2015, including the Quality Standards, Doncaster Safeguarding Board and the Trust.

Some of these are standalone polices in the children’s homes, others are used as generic policies by the Trust.

If you would like a copy of any of the following policies please email kwarner@ddt-deaf.org.uk stating which you require:

1. Admission and reception of children

2. Methods of care and control

3. Health policy

4. Education policy

5. Permissible sanctions

6. Use of restraint

7. Case recording and access to records

8. Care and placement plans

9. Use of each child’s placement plan

10. Countering bullying

11. Log book and diary recording

12. Confidentiality

13. Administration of finance and security

14. Repairs and maintenance

15. Fire precautions and emergency procedures

16. Countering risks identified through the homes risk assessments extending to which all or part of the premises may be locked as a security measure

17. The health and safety policy

18. Policy on room searches

19. Safeguarding

20. Arrangements for regulating and vetting visitors to the home

21. HIV/AIDS awareness, confidentiality and infection control

22. Responding to allegations of suspicions or abuse

23. Treatment of children who have been abused

24. Rostering shift handovers

25. Staffing policy

26. Sleeping in, bed-time and night supervision

27. Physical contact with children

28. Spending one-to-one time alone with children

29. Care practices towards children of the opposite sex

30. The particular needs of children from minority ethnic groups

31. Practices within the Home to combat racism

32. Staff disciplinary and grievance procedures

33. Delegated authority and notifications to senior staff

34. Reviews

35. Dealing with aggression and violence

36. Risk taking

37. Dealing with sexuality and personal relationships

38. Working with parents/carers

39. First aid and administration and storage of medication

40 The complaints and representations procedures

41. Smoking policy

42. Alcohol policy

43. Drugs and misuse of substance policy

44. Gift giving and receiving

45. Whistle blowing by staff

46. Behaviour management

47. Reporting significant events

48. Transporting Looked After Children

49. Missing Persons Policy

50. Clothing and personal care