Dickson House residents
Dickson House residents

Doncaster Deaf Trust Children’s Homes is passionate about listening to and acting on the opinions and feedback of all its young people.

Our staff are here to help and support our children, however much or little is needed.  

The children who live in Dickson House and the North Flat are actively encouraged to become involved in decision-making processes and influence routines and practices. No child will be assumed to be unable to communicate their views or participate at some level.

All young residents are given the opportunity to actively engage with the planning and delivery of a wide variety of leisure activities at the Home. Children are also encouraged to play their part in the interview process for new staff where appropriate.

Children’s meetings are regularly held at the Home. Involving the young residents in discussion and decision-making helps them to gain an understanding of the cost and value of activities or developments, such as decoration and colour schemes to make the home environment comfortable for all.  The Home also arranges regular reviews for each young person, which the children are involved with as far as is practical.

Young people are made aware of their rights to make complaints, to their family, their placing authority, OFSTED or Childline. The Home employs a system, where young people are routinely and actively encouraged to express positive and negative views about their care, either by talking to a member of staff, putting a message in the comments box or logging any issues in their complaints book which is then presented to the Care Manager. All complaints made, actions taken and outcomes are monitored by the Home’s Registered Manager.

Advocacy is also provided for all our young people, if needed. Funding Authorities usually allocate an advocate from the young persons home area and staff at the Home facilitate these meetings, where necessary. Children also have the right and opportunity to email or text their advocates independently.  If a young person is not allocated an advocate, staff at Dickson House and the North Flat can help set up a meeting with the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS).

Young residents in Dickson House and the North Flat can also contact the Children's Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, either independently or with staff assistance. Her contact details are as follows: 

The Office of the Children's Commissioner, 

Sanctuary Buildings,

20 Great Smith street, 



Tel: 02077838330

email: info.request@childrenscommissioner.gsi.gov.uk