Primary Children in class
Primary Children in class


To be a national leader of Deaf Education and care achieving outstanding outcomes that improves children’s lives. 


To provide outstanding specialist education and care, for Deaf children.  To continue to develop partnerships and promote collaboration for the benefit of our children and the wider community. We ensure our children progress to achieve success in order to promote independence and employability. 


1. Leadership: we empower people to do the right thing and go the extra mile in everything they do

2. Innovation: we aspire to shape a new and better future for the Trust community by embracing opportunities, thinking differently and taking positive action

3. Inclusivity: we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality

4. Quality: we strive to be outstanding through continuous improvement of systems, people and habit

5. Perseverance: we will overcome obstacles together with a can-do attitude

6. Positive culture: we will foster an ethos of accountability, responsibility, honesty and togetherness

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