Governors and Trustees are critical to the success of the Charity.  Although they are volunteers, they provide challenge and monitoring.  They ask questions and probe the information they have been provided.  Governors and Trustees are often seen as the ‘critical friend’ to ensure the senior executive teams are responding to the challenges and key priorities.  Being a Governor or Trustee is supportive within a group of other volunteers who work together as a collective voice.


Pam Allen ( Chair of Governors)
I have been the chair of governor’s at DDT since 2005 joining at a time when there had been  turbulence within the governing body which had some impact within the school. 
The excellent work of the school staff and new governing body were able to drive improvement leading to stability and good outcomes across many areas for our children, which we have enjoyed for a number of years now. 
My background is in children's social care having been a social worker for 42 years. 
As a senior manager working within local authorities my skill set embraces chairing a variety of meetings with a primary focus of ensuring all members have a voice and feel empowered to support and challenge as appropriate . 
The business of education is complex and as chair I operate as a lay person with passion for ensuring children are given the environment in which they can flourish and reach their potential . Ensuring that we create such an environment is a partnership between governors the school,  parent / Carer’s and of course the students themselves. 
The world of education is set within a framework of performance targets which together with on site inspections are ultimately used to form an OFSTED judgement . As chair of governors I am very aware of this and the governing body understand our role in ensuring our provision is accessible to all, providing high standards of learning and aspirations for our students. Commitment to this helps governors to utilise their skills to understand the school business and contribute to outcomes for children ensuring efficient use of resources . 
Being a school governor is very rewarding but can feel daunting initially when presented with reports about attainment and improvement plans. We need to remember that we need all types of individuals with skills in finance , business, performance, Human Resources, communications, and many other areas. 
Reading the students newsletters and observing teaching sessions gives a warm glow and brings to life those children who are leading their best life in our school setting with the care and support to achieve success. 
Yes there are papers to read and that can feel daunting but there is excellent governor training available and support from others. 
We want to encourage individuals from all backgrounds to become school governors to bring their unique contribution to this important role . 


Stephanie Fogg ( Staff Governor) 
I am the current staff governor at Doncaster School for the Deaf. I teach English full time in school and also have responsibility for leading on English and reading across the school. Before I moved to Doncaster School for the Deaf, I worked for five years both as a peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf and a Teacher of the Deaf in a primary resource base and have always loved using books and stories as a way to support deaf children's language development, emotional development, world knowledge and theory of mind skills. I completed my Masters in Education Studies (Teacher of the Deaf) in 2015 at Mary Hare in partnership with Oxford Brookes university where I focused my dissertation on Developmental Language Disorder in Deaf children who also have English as an Additional Language. In my spare time, I (unsurprisingly!) enjoy reading and one of the great joys of my current role is fostering a love of books in the children I teach. In particular, I like seeing the children becoming engrossed when teachers and Specialist Teaching Assistants sign books to their classes, as they really bring the stories to life using the wonders of BSL!