Doncaster Deaf Trust, Front Building
Doncaster Deaf Trust, Front Building

Pupils with a range of communication needs attend the school. We aim to teach the curriculum through the pupil's preferred language, aiming not only to achieve high standards of education, but also to develop a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-respect among pupils. 

In order to work towards our goal as a fully inclusive environment, we recognise the need, as a school community, to implement all parts of this policy in a consistent way. This means we prioritise the building of  strong working partnerships between deaf and hearing people throughout the school. We firmly believe effective communication across the school is vital to ensure a harmonious and inclusive society to the benefit of all. 

The Deafness, Cognition and Language research centre (DCAL ) at UCL has researched around acquiring language, learning sign language, lipreading and reading. Further information about this can be found at  Two of the messages  from the research are:

"Acquisition of a first language within the normal time frame is crucial; delay has long-term serious consequences for both language and cognition."
"When signing BSL, English mouthings are produced. Our research shows that BSL manual signs and English mouthings are treated independently despite being produced simultaneously. This suggests that learning BSL in childhood does not interfere with learning English."