Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT) will help fund a new café and shop for our students after choosing Doncaster Deaf Trust as their charity for 2022.

It is the first time DCLT have chosen a charity of the year and they will support the Deaf Trust with fundraising events and activities throughout the next 12 months.

The money raised will go towards a project to create a new on-site café and shop for students at Communication Specialist College Doncaster to run as part of their Enterprise learning.

The college provide support and specialised learning for people with communication difficulties from across the country. Students run and manage the on-site Enterprise Shop, which includes items made by those studying woodwork, for example.

Michael Hart, chief executive of DCLT, said: "We are proud to announce Doncaster Deaf Trust as our chosen charity for 2022.

"We are well aware of the excellent work the Trust do in our community and we are excited about supporting them with a host of events and activities throughout the year."  

Alexis Johnson, our executive principal, said: "We are thrilled to be chosen as the DCLT's charity of the year and tremendously grateful for their support.

"The Doncaster Deaf Trust was founded in 1829 by Reverend William Carr Fenton in an attempt to help young deaf people receive an education that will equip them to become self-supporting adults.

"The Enterprise learning programme at Communication Specialist College Doncaster is an example of that work, providing students with invaluable skills like managing money and a business, and at the same time boosting their self-esteem and confidence."