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child playing

Little Learners Day Nursery, is proud to have achieved Millie’s Mark – a quality standard aimed at keeping children safe and minimising risks and accidents.

Achieving the Millie's Mark is no easy task, requiring a great deal of dedication, focus and hard work from all staff. Gaining the standard means:

  • Raising standards in paediatric first aid
  • Increasing numbers of first aid-trained staff
  • Increasing competency in applying first aid
  • Enabling staff to respond quickly in emergencies
  • Raising the quality and skills of the early years workforce and helping them with day-to-day first aid issues, such as allergies
  • And providing reassurance to parents.

The Millie's Mark panel assessed the portfolio submitted by the Little Learners Day Nursery using the following:

  • Evidence of needs assessment for setting staff
  • Evidence that all staff hold an appropriate in-date PFA (full or emergency) certificate
  • Evidence of classroom-based training for one-day courses.

We will work to keep these crucial skills in the forefront of their employees' minds, so that they are competent and ready to act in an emergency situation.

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