The Walkers Room provides care for children aged between 18 months and two years of age. The room offers an enjoyable and challenging play space for our more confident toddlers who are gaining more comprehensive physical skills.

The emphasis of learning in the Walkers Room is placed on enabling children to utilise their enhanced physical abilities in an appropriate and safe way with the opportunity to use these skills in a varied and comprehensive curriculum of holistic learning. Children are continually stimulated through purposefully planned activities to stimulate and fulfil their physical needs. Music, dance  and outdoor play compile a key aspect of the play plans offered for this age range. Children become familiar with the routines of the nursery and take pleasure in accessing the differing opportunities offered to them on a daily basis. Staff are confident in implementing a varied play based curriculum which embeds key elements of social interactions such as sharing and turn taking that will underpin strong relationships with their peers throughout all of their future learning. Children are happy and stimulated through their time within the Walkers Room and are usually ready for their next challenge by the time they reach the age of two. 

Our bespoke outdoor play facilities for children aged under two years has been specifically designed to incorporate play within the highly secure environment.

The children have free-flow access to our all-weather outdoor facilities throughout their daily activities. A range of multi-sensory and physically challenging play resources provide a wide range of learning opportunities for the non-mobile and newly toddling small children. The facilities include a large grassed area with flowers and sensory planters, mud kitchen and wet pour safety play surfaces. In addition, all children have access to the two development-specific, all-weather wooden decked areas, ideal for those rainy days when fresh air and freedom to explore can be limited.