Nothing is more precious than the giving freely of your time. It doesn't matter if it's an hour per week or a day per month, if you can help us and you'd like to, we'd like to hear from you. There are lots of volunteer opportunities here. You could assist in the joinery or motor vehicle workshops or in the hairdressing salon, helping our students to achieve their qualifications.  You could assist in the greenhouse, helping our horticulture students. You could assist as a teacher's support assistant. You could assist the maintenance team. You could help us with transport to and from sporting events or on trips out. You may be able to provide reading support to our students or even just be a visiting friend. 

What we desperately need at the moment are volunteers in the Social Enterprise Project; people with some joinery experience to help us to make craft products that we then sell, in order to generate a small income. Maybe you have retail experience and would be able to volunteer to staff the craft shop for a half day each week? We're hoping to start a Boccia Club in the near future and will need volunteers to run the club for us. 

The benefits are boundless. You may just get the experience you need to put onto your CV that makes all the difference when applying for that job! You could join the British Sign Language classes and learn how to speak using sign - another very useful qualification. It will certainly get you out and you will most definitely make a lot of friends! 

We will pay your travel expenses and we will pay for a DBS check (Please understand, our young people have to be safe and so we have to know that everyone working here is of good character). If you're here for a full day, we'll even provide you with a free lunch! Now what could be more tempting than that!