Our specialist team helps children and young people to communicate

Our onsite specialist speech and language therapy works with children and young people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have communication needs including autism at Doncaster School for the Deaf and Communication Specialist College Doncaster.

The three strong team are made up of Emma Robinson and Lauren Woodcock, who have been delivering the specialist support for almost five year and Emma Taylor, who joined us last year.

Emma Robinson said: “We have a fabulous Speech and Language Therapy team based onsite at Doncaster Deaf Trust providing support the children and young people at school and college need.

“We get involved in all aspects of the pupils and students’ educational journey, right from the initial assessments to working out individual plans to meet their communication needs.”

Lauren said: “The pupils and students really benefit from having us available onsite as we can offer support when it is needed. We work with students on a one to one and group setting basis and it is fantastic to see their confidence improve as they develop their communication skills.

"For some of our students we are teaching them the importance of eye contact and smiling, for others it might be overcoming a stutter or teaching tips to Deaf children about communicating in a hearing environment like a shop or train station.”

“Asking for something in a shop environment can be a huge thing for a pupil with complex communication issues and we work with our young people to help them to develop and use the skills they need to do this.”

Alexis Johnson, executive principal said: “Along with our onsite audiologist, the Speech and Language team are a real part and parcel of the fabric of our organisation.

“Our pupils, students and their parents have the support they need from the team to ensure that individual needs are met via this specialist one to one and group service.


“The team go above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure that our young people build their communication confidence and we are sure that with the extra resource we are investing in the team will have even more impact.”