Deaf Trust front
Deaf Trust front

Like me you will have heard the announcements made by the Prime Minister regarding the plans to begin a staggered and phased re-opening of nurseries, schools and colleges on the 1st June. We have always remained open to provide for children and young people whose parents or carers are identified as critical key workers and we have continued to provide learning and support on a daily basis, either remotely or on site.   

Whilst we welcome any news that show signs that we have turned a small corner in the battle against Covid-19; the time table for re-opening nurseries, schools and colleges is going to be a very complex process that we need to manage with care and patience to make sure that we get to the long term goal that we all want for our children, young people and families. 

At this stage, like you we are only just beginning to consider our response to the announcement, we cannot answer all of the questions which you might have at this time. As we receive more information we will be able to structure the plan that will allow us to increase the number of children and young people we can take on site after the 1st June. We have to prioritise specific groups of children and young people and consider the level of risk to anyone coming on the site. We need to consider how we can implement social distancing and protective measures to keep everyone safe. Implementing social distancing measures is going to be a challenge with younger children and we need to carefully plan how we manage the daily routines.  

The key message over the next two weeks is clear, in the short term nothing has changed, we will remain open only for the existing critical key worker children and young people as we carefully plan the next phase of our response to the current situation.

We appreciate all of the messages of support that we have received from families since the pandemic started and we ask for your patience and continued support as we prepare to welcome more children, young people and staff back on site. We are also appreciative of the efforts our staff teams have made to continue to provide services across the Trust.

I will continue to keep you regularly updated as the situation develops and we complete our plans.


Alexis Johnson

Executive Principal