Deaf Trust front
Deaf Trust front

We are experiencing a unique and unprecedented situation here at the Doncaster Deaf Trust which without doubt amounts to the biggest challenge our organisation has faced throughout its 190 year history.

What will determine the future of the Trust beyond these difficult times is our ability to collectively cope with the present situation, with staff supporting each other at all times. All of us need to remain focused on the health, safety and well-being of our children, young people and staff teams.

We stand every chance of surviving and recovering from this experience as long as we adhere to the advice and guidance being communicated to us on a national basis by the various government bodies aligned to each of our provisions. We need to help with the national effort as effectively as we can, to fight the spread of the virus and protect those whom are working in NHS services. We can do our bit by looking after the children of the people whom are at the forefront in NHS services, and other essential sectors. 

Currently, the situation at the Trust is as follows:

  • The School and College remains open for the provision of services to our children and young people. 
  • The Nursery remains closed but will continue to operate on a partial basis providing day care for the children of 'key workers' only. We appreciate the Nursery team's commitment to providing this service.  
  • The Children’s Home (Dickson House) remains open for the provision of services to our children who rely on us for residential care.
  • Specialist Employability Support will remain open for the remote provision of services to our clients and to support the current recruitment drive in the retail sector.
  • Main Reception will remain open and will be staffed on a rota basis for the time being. 


Thank you to all of the staff whom are still coming in on a daily and regular basis to keep the services running and the site operational.

The Trust site has now been partially closed with access to the site via the front car park and main Reception which will be staffed. All staff who need to access the site need to consider the social distancing guidance. Please ensure that you adhere to the guidance at all times when you are on site. I realise this is difficult for those staff supporting children so vigilance in terms of symptoms and hygiene is key. 

We are currently in the response phase of the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) issue and once we are able to re-open then we will move into recovery. We are already thinking about the future and what it will look like once we get into the recovery phase. Be assured that we will be planning and doing everything we can to bounce back into a strong position. 


Mental Health & Emotional Well-being:

It is important for all of us to consider the mental health and emotional well-being of everyone at this stressful time. At the Trust, some of our staff have been sharing resources and ideas to support this key area of health. From breathing exercises to mindfulness sessions, it all helps. Some of us (me and my children included) joined Joe Wicks this morning at 9am for his live PE session on You Tube. I felt so good after the session, although i'm a little bit sore in some areas! Whatever it is that makes you feel good and as long as it's a healthy activity then do it! 


Alexis Johnson

Executive Principal