Deaf Trust front
Deaf Trust front

September opening
All of our service will be open as usual in September. Our Nursery, Little Learners, will also be open over the summer months and attendance is increasing week by week. The teams in School, the Children's Home, College and the Specialist Employability Support service are currently preparing to be working at full capacity to ensure that all those that we serve are provided for. The School, Children's Home and College will welcome children and young people back on a full-time basis. The risk assessments have been, and will continue to be, reviewed to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible. Covid 19 has not gone away but infection rates are dropping and the measures we have in place have been effective so far. If we do have a report of an infection then we have the appropriate and necessary protocols in place to minimise and manage that situation. The children, young people and staff are operating in 'bubbles' so that we can reduce the impact on the wider community on our site. Our Presentation Team who clean the site are doing an excellent job of keeping the areas in use as clean as possible and reducing the risk of transmission. Our Maintenance Team are also keeping the facilities and utilities running in good order and managing health and safety. I know we will all feel anxious when we do return in September but I can assure everyone that we are well prepared. 
It will be a new phase in tackling the pandemic but we have already demonstrated resilience, determination, commitment and high levels of professionalism that will see us through the challenges ahead.  
Bobbie Roberts, Chair of Trustees
Our long serving Chair of Trustees, Bobbie Roberts, is standing down from her role at the end of July after 42 years of service to Doncaster Deaf Trust. Bobbie has been the Chair of Trustees for the last 17 years and leaves a remarkable legacy. She will be missed at the Trust and it's a significant moment in our 190 year history. Bobbie has so much knowledge about the history of Doncaster Deaf School and the Trust and I always enjoy listening to her tell the stories from the past. I don't know any other Chair of Trustees like her and she really is a one-off. On behalf of the Trustees and everyone at the Trust, I wish her all the best in the future. 
I have been receiving a lot of messages of support and i'd like to thank everyone for doing so. It makes a big difference to everyone at the Trust to know that we are appreciated. I know the staff in Nursery, School, the Children's Home, College, SES and the Trust support services have all received thanks from people which is great. Thanks to all of our staff for their continued efforts during this challenging time. 
Alexis Johnson
Executive Principal