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Deaf Trust front

Wider Opening
We have been planning the wider opening of the Nursery, School, Children's Home and College this week. The Nursery, School and Children's Home are planning to open wider from the 1st June and College from the 8th June. The staff teams have been refining the risk assessments and operational plans for each service. The risk assessments are available to our parents & carers and the Local Authorities that fund placements in any of our services. It has been a complex task to complete the risk assessments and plans to increase the number of children and young people we can bring into our services on the site but we all feel confident that we can manage the increase safely. We have covered all of the government's guidelines and have implemented the actions identified in those documents. We will be reviewing the risk assessments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure everyone's safety and well-being which is our number one priority. I met with the Chair of the Trust, the Chair of School Governors and the Chair of College Governors to review and scrutinise the actions and measures put in place through the risk assessments process for each service. They were all satisfied and assured that we had done as much as possible to prepare for a safe wider opening of each service. They also commended the staff for demonstrating dedication, commitment, resilience and hard work since the start of lockdown and for such diligence in the preparation for wider opening. The wider opening will be kept under constant review to ensure safety at all times. .  Each service manager will be sending a letter to all of our parents and carers to explain the plans for the wider opening.  If you are a parent or carer and you have any questions or concerns then please contact the service your child or young person is in to talk to someone about it. Parent or carer views are very important to us, especially at this time.


I would like to thank all of our staff for supporting us to prepare for the wider opening of our services and to encourage our children and young people back into our learning environments. We really do want to see our children and young people back on the site and back in classrooms learning. It's what we do best. 


Alexis Johnson
Executive Principal