Deaf Trust front
Deaf Trust front

Little Learners Day Nursery is already fully open and we have increased our daily attendance considerably over the last few weeks. Doncaster School for the Deaf, Dickson House Children's Home, Communication Specialist College and the Specialist Employability Service will all fully open next week. We are expecting full attendance and the staff in each service have been involved in a lot of preparation work to ensure that we are ready to safely welcome back all of our children and young people. Each service has completed a thorough risk assessment and made adjustments where necessary to implement all appropriate safety measures. I feel confident that we have all the measures and plans in place to provide the education, care and support needed during this period. We have a large stock of safety equipment for all the staff, children and young people including face masks, visors, gloves, aprons, wipes, hand gels & sanitisers. If anyone has any concerns or questions then please contact the relevant service.

The staff are very aware of the impact the last 6 months have had on the children and young people and are mindful of the need to give them any extra support they need to settle back in. The loss of learning will be addressed through the learning plans and the staff teams will focus on building up knowledge and skills to get the children and young people back on track. We are all excited to be fully reopening and we are looking forward to seeing everybody back on the site. We hope the children and young people are also excited about coming back too!

Our response plans to the lockdown worked effectively and we have plans in place if a local lockdown occurs. Our intention is to remain fully open and we will do what we can to ensure that we provide the services that our children and young people need.

It is vital to our Trust community that we reduce and manage any reported symptoms. I have to emphasise that it is very important that children, young people and staff with symptoms report them immediately and that any parents/carers keep children and young people at home if symptoms do appear. Washing hands regularly is crucial, at home or on our site. We need to minimise any infections on site to remain fully open.

Our staff across the Trust have been superb in the last 6 months and I know we will see the same dedication and professionalism in the next 6 months.

Take care and be safe

Alexis Johnson

Executive Principal