Deaf Trust front
Deaf Trust front

Continuation of services:

All of our services remain open and the staff teams in each service are planning to provide education to our children and young people in the event that we are instructed to close. Our priority will be pupils in school who are preparing for GCSE exams in the summer term and students in the college who have exams. We are looking at mixed packages of support including hard copy materials, online resources and where possible Skype sessions so that we can offer BSL support.

Children and Young People:

We have identified the children and young people in our services who have complex medical needs and need increased levels of protection due to their specific medical conditions. If any parent or carer is concerned then please call Nursery, School or College and speak to a manager to discuss next steps. Health, safety and well-being are imperative in this current situation.

Financial review:

We have completed a financial review today and have a 12 month plan to manage our cash flow to ensure that we have enough money on a monthly basis to pay our staff and to keep the site operational even if we are closed.

Closure Plan:

Today, we have drafted a closure plan to ensure that we keep the site safe, secure and operating in the event of closure. There are some essential services that we need to maintain on a regular basis that we will need to keep running. At this point, we don't know what closure will mean exactly apart from children and young people not being on site. We will be reviewing the draft plan on Wednesday morning with all of the service leads and agreeing on actions from it which will then be shared with all of our staff.

Social distancing:

We are trying to clarify the instructions in relation to social distancing. There are currently 4 sources of information that are relevant and we are seeking clarification on which one we should be implementing. Once we have that clarification we will then communicate with the relevant people to take the necessary action. If a child or young person comes to our site displaying the symptoms of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) then we can refuse them entry or if they develop symptoms whilst on site then we will take them to another area of the site to isolate them from others and minimise contact as safely and supportively as possible until they can be picked up. We can assure all parents and carers that we will provide the highest level of care we can if we have to isolate them away from others.

EHCP Review meetings:

We will continue to hold EHCP review meetings on site even without any other concerned parties being able to attend. We feel it is important that EHCPs are reviewed and updated so that the process is continued in the best interests of the child or young person. The updated EHCP will be sent on the relevant Local Authority representatives and parents/carers to review.

Finally, i'd like to say thanks to our staff team at the Trust for their dedication and commitment to their work and their continued support of our children, young people and service users.  


Alexis Johnson

Executive Principal