Deaf Trust front
Deaf Trust front

Business continuity:

We have devised a Covid 19 risk and impact assessment plan with a focus on 3 priorities:


Priority 1: Health, safety and well-being of children, young people, service users and staff

Priority 2: Continuity of core services of teaching, learning and care

Priority 3: Reduction of impact on business


It is crucial to us at the Trust that we ensure the health, safety and well-being of all of our children, young people and service users and staff so that we can continue to provide high standards of education and care for as long as possible. We do not intend to close any of our services including the Nursery, School, Children's Home, College & College residence and Specialist Employability Service. If we do have to close because we are instructed to do so by the government then we will continue to provide education where we can via work sent home in the post or via e-mail. We are also looking into providing Skype sessions especially for those who need BSL to support their learning. Exams may still go ahead or may be postponed but we will continue to prepare pupils and students by supporting them in different ways by whatever means possible.

Symptoms and what to do:

If a child or young person develops a new and continuous cough and/or a high temperature (37.8c) then they will have to go home immediately. We will provide them with a separate room with staff support until they can be collected or returned home. If they develop these symptoms at home then do not send them into nursery, school and college. If anyone in your household develops the symptoms then please call in and tell us. Everyone in the household will need to self-isolate for 2 weeks, if this happens.

Hygiene and infection control:

It is crucial that we all wash our hands and that we continue to maintain high standards of cleanliness and infection control across our site. We have put in additional measures to ensure that we keep the environment as clean as possible and reduce potential infection in key areas. We are keeping this under constant review and will deep clean areas where necessary. We have cancelled or postponed all trips and visits. We have also cancelled all events, meetings and external visitors we had coming on site to reduce social contact.


We are meeting with service managers every morning to review our staffing levels to ensure that ratios of support are adequate. Staff members from across the Trust will support in areas where we are short-staffed to ensure we are operating our provision safely and effectively.

Support for children & young people:

Our specialist team are working on preparing resources and materials to help our children and young people understand and come to terms with the current situation. We are aiming to minimise any anxieties, worries and confusion about what's happening. It's not easy as the situation is developing at a fast pace but we will try to provide effective support at all times.


I would like to express my appreciation for everyone in the Doncaster Deaf Trust community for providing consistent and constant support to our children, young people and service users, and to each other. We are trying our very best to maintain high standards in all our services despite current difficulties with Covid 19 (Coronavirus). If you are worried or concerned about anything then please do contact staff at the service your child or young person is accessing.