Applications for Hire

  1. All applications must be made in writing on the appropriate booking form following any initial telephone calls.  The Trust reserves the right to refuse any application without stating its reason for doing so.
  1. Applications will not be considered:
  • From persons under 18 years of age; or
  • If made otherwise than upon the official booking form.
  1. Applications must be completed and returned within 21 days or the date it is to be hired may be given to someone else.
  • If the Trust accepts the application the person signing the booking form shall be deemed to be the hirer and, as such the person responsible to the Trust for the payment of the hiring fees and the observance of these Conditions.
  1. Where the Trust is not familiar with the organisation, references may be requested prior to approval of venue hire.


  1. The following table shows the maximum number of persons, excluding staff and attendants, which shall, at any time, be allowed in the accommodation. The exact numbers will depend on the layout of furniture required:


Close Seated Concert Style

With Tables & Chairs

























Please note that these figures are the maximum for each location.  Numbers may reduce dependent upon your requirements.


  1. The Hirer shall not sub-let the accommodation, or any part of it, without the written agreement of the Manager.

Cancellation and Postponement of Hiring

  1. The Trust shall be entitled to cancel the hiring:
  • If at any time prior to the commencement of the function it shall appear to the Trust that the Hirer has made a material omission from or
  • mis-statement on the application form.
  • If any sum or deposit payable is not paid by the hirer by the date upon which it is due.
  • In the event of the individual, organisation or activities infringing the law which has a bearing on the booking or may reflect poorly on the Trust.
  1. The Hirer may, with the consent of the Trust, surrender or postpone the hiring PROVIDED that any request is made in writing accompanied by the balance of the charges payable in respect of the hiring.

Damage, Loss and Accident

  1. a) The Hirer shall pay to the Trust the amount incurred by the Trust in making good any damage to, or loss of, the building, furniture, carpets, furnishings, fixtures and fittings or any article or equipment belonging to the Trust arising directly or indirectly out of the hiring of the accommodation.
  • Unless due to the negligence of the Trust or breach of statutory duty by the Trust, the Hirer shall be responsible for their visitors/invitees/ participants to the function including their safety and well-being whilst attending the function.  It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Hirer, by way of indemnity, to effect insurance against all claims, costs or demands in respect of personal injury and /or loss or theft of and/or damage to property howsoever suffered or incurred by any person or company whatsoever which may arise out of the hiring of the accommodation to the value of £5,000,000.  The Trust may require such insurance to be effected and to the production of evidence of the same.  Failure to comply shall result in the cancellation of the hiring.
  • The Hirer shall indemnify the Trust against all actions, claims, costs, demands and the like made against the Trust and attributable, either directly or indirectly, to the hiring of the accommodation.
  • d) Depending upon the activity and hirer a written risk assessment may be required by the Trust before the booking is confirmed.

Maintenance of Good Order

  1. The Hirer shall, at all times, be responsible for the maintenance of good order during the function, shall ensure that no undesirable person is permitted to enter, remain or otherwise make use of the accommodation and that no-one trespasses on parts of the Trust not hired by the Hirer. Upon the instructions of the Trust staff the Hirer shall remove, or cause to be moved, any persons from the accommodation hired. The Trust is not required to provide such supervision in any manner whatsoever.

Performing Rights Society Ltd Copyright and Royalties

  1. In the case of a function whereby receipts are taken for a performance the Hirer shall disclose to the Trust the net Box Office receipts taken at their event within 4 weeks following the event. This information is required by law for return to The Performing Rights Society Limited.
  1. The Hirer must seek all permissions required to perform works and make arrangements for the payment of any taxes or of any royalties chargeable in respect of the function.

Parking of Vehicles

  1. Under no circumstances will the Trust accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any car or other vehicle which, in connection with the function, is brought or left within the precincts of the Trust. The Hirer shall ensure that no car or other vehicle is allowed to be parked in any unauthorised position and that any instructions given by the any of the Trust staff in regards to parking of vehicles are strictly observed.


  1. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Trust, other than in designated smoking areas.


  1. All hirings are subject to the following prohibitions:
  2. No alterations or additions shall be made by the hirer to the lighting, heating, seating, gangways, fittings, fixtures or other arrangement of the accommodation without the written express consent of the Trust.
  3. Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulation 1992 in advertising the function and, in particular, that no fly-posting shall take place in respect of any functions.

Right of Entry

  • Any duly authorised officers of the Trust on duty shall at all times have free ingress and egress to and from the venue.

Prevention of Use of Accommodation through Unforeseeable Events

  • The Trust will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer in the event of the accommodation not being available by reason of accident, war, civil commotion, force major, strike, lockout or other like cause. The Trust may, however, in such event, without admitting any legal obligation to do so, return the deposit paid by the Hirer. The decision of the Trust as to whether the accommodation is not available within the meaning of this clause shall be final and binding on the hirer.  No responsibility will be accepted or compensation paid by the Trust in the event of loss or damage suffered by the Hirer on account of a failure of the lighting or other equipment in the accommodation.

First Aid

  1. The Trust recommends that the Hirer provide first aid cover for the event. There are qualified first aiders employed by the Trust who, if available, will help to deal with emergencies. These qualified personnel are only available during normal working times.

 Alcoholic Beverages

  1. No alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto, the premises.

Portable Electrical Appliance Testing (P.A.T.)

  1. It is a legal requirement under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 that any equipment used outside the home is safe to use. Any electrical equipment you bring onto Trust premises must be tested in accordance with, and comply with, the regulations. If you hire any equipment from a hire company then the relevant certificate must be obtained.  The Trust reserves the right to inspect these certificates and also the right to refuse the use of any such equipment if it is not satisfied with its documentation or condition.

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

  1. The Trust has a positive Equal Opportunities Policy. The aim of the policy is to ensure that no individual or organisation receives less favourable treatment on grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, social class, responsibility for dependants, age, trade union or political activities, religious beliefs, spent offences or is disadvantaged by any conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justified.
  1. The Trust wishes all Hirers to apply these principles to all events and activities which they may organise on Trust premises and to have policies and procedures designed so as not to discriminate intentionally or unintentionally against any group or individual on any unjustifiable grounds.

Safeguarding Issues

  1. The Trust has a safeguarding policy which imposes certain legal responsibilities on the Trust with respect to young persons and how they are protected. The Trust insists that all hirers fully adhere to this policy but they must also ensure that:
  • They have in place appropriate policies and procedures for safeguarding;
  • Their staff have received appropriate training in safeguarding and child protection; and the organisation is compliant with its legal duties to undertake safer recruitment vetting checks on their staff, including those staff who will be responsible for the children during the period of hire.

Special Conditions

  1. a) If the accommodation is used for any purpose for which the Trust considers it necessary to cover the floor, or any part thereof, the Hirer will be required to pay an additional fee for suitable floor covering to be provided.
  • A cleaning charge will be levied on the Hirer if the premises are not left in a clean and tidy condition.
  • No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed to use sound or lighting equipment.
  • No bottled gas shall be brought onto the premises.