About the Student Council

Each tutor group has representatives on the student council. Matters are discussed in tutor groups and the representatives share group ideas and opinions in the meetings. The speech and language therapists ensure that a range methods are used to help learners communicate effectively. 

The agenda is set by the chair in response to requests from the management and the students.  The matters are discussed in the meeting, fed back to groups and then re-discussed in meetings. Student opinion is then fed back to management and responded to. 

It is vital that students recognise that what they think is important and valid. There are many positive effects of the  the student council including:

  • students can influence their environment
  • they can develop a greater understanding of their place in the world
  • they can recognise and benefit the needs of their peers
  • they decide what is fun and influence the social activities in college ensuring they appeal to their peer group
  • they ensure we demonstrate our whole college understanding of the needs of others through their suggestions and activities for charity fund raising. 

About Lizzy

As chair of the student council it is my role to ensure the student voice is heard and responded to. I see my role as a facilitator. I ensure that the opinions shared reflect the true opinions of the  learner. It is an absolute pleasure to see young people recognise what they think is important and valued.