As a specialist school and college we  do our best to take care of our young people and to give them as many positive experiences as we possibly can. But - and here's the rub - we don't receive any government money at all. We have to work for all we do and we have a Fund Raising strategy that includes gifts, donations, lots of grant applications, commercial contracts and so on.

Support Us

Sponsorship is an excellent way for your company to become actively engaged with us, helping us to achieve our aims and yours, at the same time. You could: 

  • Sponsor one of our two football teams with your business name on their shirts
  • Sponsor a trip out to the seaside or an event with your business name on our website and/or the side of the bus

Charity of the Year

You might be the kind of business that likes to raise money for charity, in which case, making us your Charity of the Year would be absolutely wonderful; we could do staff tours, put on a meal for you and your staff, or you could choose to hold your annual staff get-together or Christmas party here! We see sponsorship as a two way thing; we get something and you get something and, hopefully, we become good friends too!


Our biggest challenge today is raising enough money to build a new Children's Home for young people who, as well as being in care, also have a disability. Government Data, collected over many years, demonstrates that children in care often don't do as well in school and those children who have a supportive family environment. Children in care who also have a disability have a double disadvantage and we are trying to level that playing field. Our existing Care Home, Dickson House, received an 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted, so we know we're doing well. The trouble is, it's over-subscribed. We have just seven beds available here, so now we want to help more children by building a second home. Doing this will cost in the region of £600,000 - so you see, we need all the help we can get. 

If you would like to help, please contact Andy Ellis on 01302 386720 or by e-mail on: [email protected].

Thank you.