As a specialist school and college we obviously do our very best to take care of our young people and to give them as many positive experiences as we possibly can. But - and here's the rub - we don't receive any government money at all. We have to work for all we do and we have a Fund Raising strategy that includes gifts, donations, lots of grant applications, commercial contracts and so on. Sponsorship is another way of achieving our aims, but it's much more hands on and more fun than simply pledging a donation (though of course, we'd be extremely grateful for that!). You could choose, for example, to sponsor one of our two football teams. We could have your name or your businesses name on our shirts. You could sponsor a trip out to the seaside or an event and again, we could use your name or your business name on our website or the side of the bus. You might be the kind of business that likes to raise money for charity, in which case, making us your Charity of the Year would be absolutely wonderful; we could do staff tours, put on a meal for you or you could choose to hold your annual staff get-together or Christmas party here! We see sponsorship as a two way thing; we get something and you get something and, hopefully, we become good friends too!