Little Learners Day Nursery is proud to be one of the three settings in the entire Doncaster Borough to be awarded ‘Enhanced Provision Status’ from  Doncaster Early Years and Childcare Service for its high standards of care and education for children with additional needs. 

The setting boasts large play spaces and a modern sensory room which enhances our commitment to providing an environment conducive to the needs of children with a range of needs.  The nursery is entirely accessible to all children and is committed to providing care focused on supporting children with a range of differing needs and service requirements to reach their full potential.

We provide the tools, support and devotion required to ensure equality of opportunity and inclusion of each child as an individual.  The setting will endeavour to meet the needs of all children wherever possible and encompasses a holistic working approach in order to create an inclusive and rewarding environment.

Our practitioners are highly skilled and trained in a wide variety of additional care procedures including administration of emergency medication, recognition of medical emergencies and moving and handling training. A number of practitioners are employed to work with children who require support outside of usual ratios. All our practitioners hold a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate which is renewed every three years.  The Nursery has access to a Nurse who works alongside the Nursery to enhance the provision for all children and who will support the practitioners in caring for children with additional needs. 

We follow our strict comprehensive Inclusion Policy to ensure that care is delivered to the highest possible standards. Staff are employed  to manage and coordinate the needs of children who may require Education, Health & Care Plans, Person Centred Plans and Personalised Learning Plans and who consult with outside Professionals and parents to ensure that the children’s needs are met.  In order to meet the needs of the individuals at a higher level, additional support workers are employed who are experienced in working with children with additional needs and inclusion.