We believe that all members of the School and wider community are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity at all times.

It is important that every child feels cared for and they know whom they can turn to if they have a problem. 

Safeguarding Children

The School is inclusive and committed to the care and well-being of its pupils so that they may grow and learn in a safe, secure environment. Our safeguarding policy guides our staff, pupils, parents and professionals who work together, taking positive action to safeguard children and promote their welfare. Our School closely follows best practice with regard to the safer recruitment of staff.

School Code of Conduct

The School is firmly committed to providing the highest quality of teaching and education in a safe, relaxed and pleasant environment free from distraction and disruption, in which pupils can be safe, happy and secure as they develop into mature, independent adults.

Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour, work and effort.

We actively encourage our pupils to have consideration, concern and respect for others, to have high standards of personal behaviour and self-discipline, and to accept responsibility for their own actions both within the School and local community. There is an active school council where pupils can make recommendations to staff and school governors.

Parents can also make a positive contribution by taking an active interest in the work of the School, entering into regular dialogue with staff, supporting the personal and social education programmes, and reinforcing the advice and support given to their children by teachers, support staff and care staff.

Our annual Prize Day recognises the efforts of all pupils.

Health, Safety and Security

The School and Trust have a rigorous Health and Safety Policy which reflects current legislation and seeks to ensure safety for all. External CCTV, digital security access and security staff are measures taken to ensure a secure and safe environment for everyone on site.


E-safety is becoming a core area of our safety focus. Parents are invited to e-safety events.

E-safety knowledge is embedded through the curriculum and individual advice can be given.