All children access the stimulating learning environment with multiple opportunities for developing and enhancing their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, sensory and language skills through heuristic and creative play.

Our Pre School Rooms provide care for children from three to five years of age. This important phase of your child's development is complemented through an approach which suitably prepares children both cognitively and emotionally for School Readiness.  Short, medium and long term planning provides a holistic and well prepared curriculum of learning opportunities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children have the autonomy to take an active role within their learning and are regularly consulted to include their interests within out daily plans. We offer flexible session to meet the needs of each family and continue to offer Free Early Years Entitlement throughout both of our Pre School Rooms. Children's continuing progress is maintained consistently throughout this last phase within the nursery, with a more specified plan of development to enhance any area which is not holistically developing within the framework for learning. The nursery place emphasis on establishing a secure and comprehensive basis for future learning and pride ourselves on providing a great stepping stone for the expectations to come when they transition into their Primary School.

The framework for learning remains focused around a play based curriculum with enhanced activities conducive to the abilities of each child within the setting. Children have the independence and freedom to guide and shape their own learning and our experienced staff utilise all opportunities to enhance every possible learning experience. The children have access to our large outdoor play space, secured to the highest standard with perimeter fencing and fully incorporated within the Trust facilities with no direct public access. The ideal play space has been purposefully designed to continue to promote learning through the freedom and challenges only an open space and natural experiences can provide.

The nursery takes an active role in Transition Meetings within our locality to ensure that the focus for School Readiness is complimentary to the expectations within the Primary Schools within our area.

The nursery take great care to ensure that all opportunities provided to our children are appropriate and specific to the needs of all children and place emphasis on variable aspects of the curriculum to ensure that all children receive the best possible start to their education.