At Little Learners we believe that working in partnership with parents and carers is imperative in all aspects of the learning process and in maintaining a child's well being. We are committed to working in unison with all families to provide a consistent level of care between home and nursery; this is supported through the relationships built through our Key Person Policy.

All practitioners work alongside parents/carers to ensure continuity of care is maintained between home and nursery for each child. We feel that strong bonds with our families are essential in every aspect of care and will do our utmost to respond to families' individual needs wherever possible. Your child will be allocated a Key Person during their home visit/pre-visits at nursery. The Key Person will help to ensure that every child's learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. 

At Little Learners, we keep very comprehensive assessments about your child's developmental progress, which you are welcome to view at any time with your child's key person, appointments are arranged upon request. Our current system is maintained online, where yo are able to log on and access from home.

The Key Person will engage with and support parents in guiding their child's development at home, in order to complement their ongoing development, through parental observations.

They will also facilitate the involvement of more specialist support systems if and when appropriate.

Working closely with parents and carers is imperative within the setting and is maintained through well established and thorough procedures which include.

  • Home visits
  • As part of our transitions process the Nursery operates a home visit system where a member of our staff will visit you at home.
  • Pre-visits and settling in sessions with the allocation of a Key Person;
  • The completion of a baseline assessment in line with Early Years Foundation Stage which indicates your child's entry to nursery developmental level;
  • The operation of an open-door policy; 
  • A comprehensive policy handbook to underpin all of our operational procedures;
  • The delivery of daily feedback;
  • The delivery of a holistically planned curriculum of learning complementary to the Early Years Foundation Stage;
  • The liaison with outside agencies where appropriate;
  • Individual Learning: the Key Person will maintain a short-term planning record in order to meet the individual needs and interests of each of their key children;
  • Observation and Assessment: the Key Person will undertake continual assessments on each key child on a day-to-day basis, to complete their ongoing achievement record;
  • Parent/carer meetings are available periodically and upon request;
  • The maintenance of regular contact with parents/carers through a variety of methods including, email, text messaging, newsletters and facebook.
  • liaising with parents/carers: the Key Person will ensure that communication remains open, and that information is shared effectively;
  • Events such as summer Fêtes, Wine and Cheese Nights, Pantomimes, Graduation Ceremonies and Christmas Concerts are an integral part of our yearly calendar. We take pleasure in inviting all of our parents/carers to each of these events to enhance the relationships between us and the families we provide care for.