We believe that families should be fully informed partners in the education and lives of their children.

For many years the School has enjoyed an excellent relationship with parents/carers and extended families of our pupils. It is through links with home that greater understanding and cooperation can occur. 

The school works closely with all parents/carers who are actively encouraged to visit the school to discuss their child’s needs.  


Home School Contact


Home school books support regular communication between parents/carers and the School for younger pupils. 

Secondary pupils are expected to keep an up-to-date record of homework set and parent/carers are asked to sign Planners once a week.

Parents are kept closely informed of progress through the use of reports, Parents' Evenings and the Annual Review process. Parents/carers are welcome to visit the school for direct discussion with teachers. 

The School welcomes parents/carers, grandparents, siblings, extended family and close friends to celebratory events and sports days.


Parental Concerns


Parents/carers who have concerns should contact form teachers, the deputy headteacher or the Executive Principal. Any such expression of concern will not in the first instance be considered as a complaint and, as far as possible, attempts will be made to resolve the problem by informal discussion with those involved. Should there be cases where such concerns cannot be resolved informally these will be fully considered and pursued through the School's Policy for Parental Concerns.


Contacting the School


Parents/carers are always welcome to contact members of staff at school by calling 01302 386733 or
sending texts to the School mobile 07970 676957.
Email: teachers name or [email protected].
Visitors must report to reception on arrival.


Travel in poor weather


Pupil safety is paramount. Parents are requested to make informed decisions based on forecasts in their local area and Doncaster. In principle, we aim to keep the School open if at all possible regardless of the weather. Pupils who cannot travel due to inclement weather in their area will be regarded as having authorised absence.

Parent Contact



Parent Forms


Right of withdrawal from SRE

Right of withdrawal from collective worship

Policies and forms available on request