Students and pupils who attend Communication Specialist College Doncaster and Doncaster School for the Deaf will be able to enjoy their outdoor space more thanks to a kind donation from Lakeside Village.

The Doncaster based retail outlet shopping centre has donated seating to the Deaf Trust, who manage the school and college, as part of their ongoing Mall Improvements project.

Di Rogers, centre manager, explains: “We have a great working relationship with Doncaster Deaf Trust and many of our team have undertaken Deaf Awareness Training.

“We’ve introduced two signing walls at the centre, in our indoor and outdoor play areas to encourage more young people to learn to fingerspell using British Sign Language, and as our seating areas have been replaced as part of our investment in the

centre we’ve donated the old seating, which is in great condition to the Trust for them to use on their site.”

Students and pupils who study at the Trust’s 28-acre site will now be able to enjoy the outside space more as the benches and seats will be placed across the school and college areas.

Bobbie Roberts, chair of trustees, said: “We are extremely grateful to Lakeside Village for their continued support of the Trust.

“Our relationship with them shows that there are so many ways that businesses can work with us to benefit our students. While monetary donations are always welcome, furniture, equipment and booking training for staff are other great ways to


“The fact that they now have the two BSL signing walls on site is also a great way to help more people to become Deaf Aware.”