We offer opportunities in geography for the primary children to gain an understanding about their surroundings and the variety of human and physical conditions on the Earth's surface. The experience of pupils stimulates a sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around them.

In Key Stage 1 and 2 Geography helps children develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the human habitat and enhance their sense of responsibility for the care of the Earth and its people.

Our geography visits extend classroom learning. Pupils learn about the physical and human features of their own environment. We encourage children to ask questions and develop their geographical enquiry skills.

In Key Stage 1, history is about the lives and lifestyles of familiar people in the recent past and about famous people and events in the more distant past, including those from British history.

In Key Stage 2, history is about people and important events and developments from recent and more distant times in the locality, in Britain and in other parts of the world.