Doncaster Deaf Trust is involved in five different European-wide Projects, working with 15 European Countries to help make the place a little more equal when it comes to the education and training opportunities available for people with a range of disabilities. 

These European Projects are funded through a special pot of money called Erasmus. You can find out all about Erasmus here:

Did you know, for example, that there are over 200 different sign languages in the world and that, if you're deaf and use British Sign Language as your first language, it would be impossible to 'talk' to a deaf person in Germany? That prevents anyone who is deaf from working and living abroad -  a choice that has been open to most of us for many years. And so, one of the projects we have been working on is Spread the Sign.(

Spread the Sign is an international sign language project that actually started about five years ago using international funding, called Leonardo da Vinci. It's  a translation website and app, where a person who is deaf can type in a question or a sentence and then request to see what the sign language interpretation is in any one of 15 different European languages. For the first time in history, people who use the sign language taught in one country can now talk to people who use a completely different sign language. How good is that! You can read more about the website and App in the other stories on the Campaign page.

More needs to be done. We have around 20,000 words translated into videos at present and we need to double that to get anywhere near having enough words for entire conversations. If you think you could help to support this work, through a donation or using your expertise, please do get in touch.