As a College we offer a range of enrichment activities to develop social interaction and life experiences.

We use our excellent on-site facilities to offer a number of sporting opportunities including men’s and women’s football, water polo, gym sessions, dance classes and many more.

We have a community drama group that put on fabulous annual productions.

A sign choir is also available to join for all students regardless of their primary communication method.

A weekly Youth Club is open to day and residential students, offering a range of activities that reflect the interests of those that attend.

Within residences, students can relax in the comfort of their lodges or get involved in activities which run during the evenings. Examples of these include:

  • Wii competitions
  • Craft nights
  • Inter-lodge bake offs
  • Pool competitions
  • Discussion Evenings

As a team, the education and residential staff also run weekend and evening trips and pastimes to occupy, stimulate and entertain all students