The Specialist Employability Service is a dedicated employment service designed specifically for people who have a broad range of disabilities. Funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, six contracts totaling £10.5 million, were put out to tender in July 2015. There are four Pan-Disability contracts and two Sensory Impairment (one for sight and one for hearing) contracts. Doncaster Deaf Trust had to compete for this contract with major national organisations and are very proud to have won the Sensory Impairment (Hearing) contract.

DWP's confidence in us, as the primary organisation in the UK for helping and supporting deaf people, has been shown to be completely justified. As of February 2017, the trust was the top performing organisation of all 6 contractors, for helping people to find - and stay in - employment. As a result of our ongoing excellent performance, this contract has now been extended until January 2019. 

We deliver our contract in partnership with Clarion UK, Action on Hearing Loss (Scotland) and Action on Hearing Loss (Wales). 

If anyone would like more details on this programme and how they might become involved, please call 01302 386751 or e-mail:[email protected]

Please note - anyone wishing to take part as a client, must, in the first instance, talk to their DWP Adviser.