Pupils have access to a fully equipped workshop and food technology room with a high staff to pupil ratio and enjoy designing and making for a wide variety of projects. 

Aims and purposes of design technology                                         

Design and technology offers opportunities for children to:

  • Develop their designing and making skills
  • Develop knowledge and understanding
  • Develop their capability to create high quality products through combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding
  • Nurture creativity and innovation through designing and making
  • Explore values about and attitudes to the made world and how we live and work within it
  • Develop an understanding of technological processes and products and their manufacture and contribution to our society.

Content of design and technology at Key Stages 1 and 2

In design and technology, children acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of:

  • Materials and components
  • Mechanisms and control systems
  • Structures
  • Existing products
  • Quality
  • Health and safety. 

These skills are also covered through food technology lessons.