Our Cruisers Room boasts experienced and knowledgeable staff that will individually plan for each child a curriculum of multi-sensory, stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities within a large and inviting space.

Our Cruisers Room caters for children between twelve to eighteen months of age. Within the large and spacious facilities the room has a baby changing area, a separate sleeping area, a dining and 'messy' area and a self contained kitchen. The play room has direct access onto our all-weather, secure, outdoor area, designed specifically for children from birth up to two years of age. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will plan, for each individual child, a curriculum of multi-sensory, stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities. We aim to engage children's interests in order that they have the confidence to explore their surroundings, and we offer differing levels of support where needed. Staff utilise British Sign Language to enhance and extend communication experiences holistically for all children, specifically for children who are deaf, hearing impaired or for those with Special Educational Needs. Children also take part in the baby room 'sing and sign' music session twice weekly with our experienced children's pianist. 

Parents and carers are welcomed to work alongside the staff to ensure that all personal routines and requirements are consistently maintained. Staff are on hand to support and guide parents through the key transitions for this age range and are committed to working individually for all children. High staff to child ratios continue to enable the level of care to be maintained at a premium level.

Children are safe, stimulated and cared for in an environment that compliments their personal routines, that also enables opportunities to extend play to a desirable level. The curriculum of learning is consistent throughout the nursery and children are confident in accessing our comprehensive learning opportunities.