The Crawlers Room provides a safe and stimulating home from home environment for our smallest Little Learners. Children up to one year of age (or non mobile) enjoy the age appropriate surroundings with enhanced staffing ratios.

At Little Learners Day Nursery we believe that children are better equipped to learn when placed within a room with children of a similar age, with an appropriate number of peers and high staffing ratios. Our Baby Unit comprises of three rooms catering for children aged birth to two years of age. Transitions between each room are planned in accordance with your baby's level of development. Parents and carers who are looking to place their baby for the first time are assured that choosing Little Learners will fulfil all their expectations and more. All of our rooms for children up to 2 years of age have direct access to the outdoor playspace.

Our Crawlers Room is a specially designed play room that ensures that babies have the space and freedom to explore within safe, secure and caring surroundings.

A home from home approach is applied to ensure that continuity of care is maintained effectively to reflect the delicate individual routines of each baby within our setting. You can be confident that our staff are on hand to work closely with all of our parents and carers to deliver a package of care that is specifically tailored to your baby's personal needs. 

All activities delivered are complimentary to the Early Years Foundation curriculum and are differentiated for each baby, dependant upon their age and stage of development. 

Enhanced staffing ratios ensure that the needs of each baby are met effectively and promptly. Separate sleep cots within the play room provide a safe and secure sleep area for rest times that can be monitored closely by staff members at all times.

Feeding and mealtimes reflect your baby's current stage of weaning, whether that is solely milk feeds and/or solid foods. Our specifically designed menu is accessible for all baby's including those with special dietary requirements  and our staff work hard to ensure that we meet all of your babies feeding and weaning needs in line with your specifications.