Students relaxing on a sofa in the common room
Students relaxing on a sofa in the common room

- Tracey Jamison    - Beth Johnson

Communication Specialist College Doncaster offers the opportunity for all students to be at the centre of their Transition planning.

Students will have the opportunity to explore their wants, needs and future aspirations during their time at college.

The Transition Team focuses on each individual and their Transition planning as soon as their college journey begins. 


As a college, we work effectively with external agencies across the country. The first stage of our Transition Planning is to create a circle of support for our students, by identifying professionals and external agencies/organisations.  

The people involved are;

  • The individuals 
  • Parents
  • Social worker – Adults Learning Disability Team /Sensory Team/ Transition Team
  • Advocates 
  • Person Centred Planners 
  • My Way Facilitators 
  • Supported living coordinators 
  • Educational psychologists
  • Community psychiatric nurse
  • Education and employment job trainer
  • Disability Employment Advisor
  • Support agencies
  • Supported living manager
  • Keyring managers
  • Mencap Pathways
  • Job Centre

Once we have established a circle of support they are invited to attend our person-centred transition meetings. These meetings are held throughout the students educational journey; the frequency of which will be dependent on the individual’s transitional needs. 

What we do;

Year One

First year students will have one-to-one or group transition classes on their timetables where they will start to develop a person centred plan. This is to encourage the students to understand and take ownership of their college journey. 

Example slides from a person centred plan;


Year Two onward

Year two and onward, classes tend to be one-to-one or in pairs and can last a term or the full year, depending on the students needs. Within these classes, students get to focus and prepare for their next steps. 

These sessions could include visits to potential services, further/higher education, supported living and supported employment opportunities, giving the students the opportunity to explore the range of services available to them and allowing them to make informed decisions about their future.

Once destinations have been chosen, we as a staff team work closely with any external services to ensure smooth transition through observations, visits to services, sharing of information, support plans, sharing of strategies and linking in with tutors and support staff to support the journey. The team would also support students and parents with any application processes necessary.


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