Having a disability, being deaf or having a neurological difference can make navigating your way through a sometimes challenging world even more of a challenge for our students.  

The transition from childhood to adulthood can also be a difficult time with a lot of changes and new stresses to manage and overcome.

Counselling can be a good opportunity for them to have access to a safe, accepting space where they can explore the effects of this on their mental health and personalities with someone who has an understanding of their experiences.

A better understanding of themselves and others is one aim of therapy, as well as identifying better coping strategies and stress management techniques that develop out of this new understanding of themselves and others.

This can support people to lead happier, more meaningful, more productive lives with improved relationships with the people around them.  

A very flexible, creative approach with a good knowledge of autism, deafness and disability means that therapy can be provided in an accessible, supportive and empathic way.