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Communication Specialist College - Doncaster

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 Policy Statement - October 2018


This policy statement sets out the College’s arrangements for managing the access providers and external agencies have to our students to ensure they have information about educational, training and other offers and opportunities.

Communication Specialist College uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to guide us when transitioning/ Career Planning and developing our students’ opportunities.

As part of our commitment to informing our students of the range of pathways open to them we invite and encourage requests from Employers, Training Providers and other external agencies to come and speak to and support our students.

Communication Specialist College actively work and continues to develop relationships with local external agencies and employers as part of our curriculum offer. Students are given the opportunity to attend Industry Visits, Work Placements and visits to other external agencies that can meet the needs of our young people including Visits to FE Colleges and Universities if appropriate to their pathway planning. 

Opportunities for providers to speak to our students include,

  • Employability Employments days
  • Work Experience
  • Industry Visits,
  • Education, Health and Care Plan reviews
  • Transitional Planning Meetings
  • Project Work within the local community
  • Enterprise
  • Mock Interviews
  • Deaf Awareness Events
  • Prize Day and many more

Communication Specialist College have an identified Careers Lead who works closely with our tutors to ensure the quality of the pathway is delivered to a high standard and in line with government strategy. The Careers Lead actively presents new government initiative(s) into the College’s Career Committee which impacts Senior Leadership Strategy.

In the first instance all requests by providers and external agencies should be sent to the College’s Transition Manager.                           

All requests will be considered in line with our Safeguarding Strategy.


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