A Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) is a qualified teacher who has undertaken further training and has qualified to teach children and young people with a hearing loss. They provide support to deaf children, young people and their families. They also liaise with other professionals who are involved with a deaf child or young person's education.

The ToD at the college works closely with the onsite Audiologist and SALT team to support students in the maintenance and use of their equipment, completion of language assessments and implementation of support strategies. 

The ToD can also provide support to the college teaching staff team by developing resources, advising on the needs of the students and joining taught sessions to provide additional support. The ToD can facilitate students' understanding of subject specific vocabulary and terminology and help students in the development of their academic study skills. 1:1 sessions and pre-teaching and be provided to meet individual needs and reinforce learning. 

Our ToD in college is Lisa Booker, MSc in Deaf Education.