Rebound Therapy is the use of trampolines in providing therapeutic exercise and recreation for people with a wide range of additional needs.  Participants can range from mild to severe physical disabilities and from mild to profound and multiple learning disabilities, including dual sensory impairment and autistic spectrum. 

Taking part in Rebound Therapy provides many benefits for students.  It is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness and exercise tolerance and also helps to improve communication skills. 

Rebound Therapy at the Communication Specialist College Doncaster is delivered in a safe and supportive environment giving students the opportunity to have a sense of achievement, have fun and enjoyment, as well as building self-confidence and promoting positive well-being, it can be used as an intervention activity or an enrichment activity as well as working towards Rebound Therapy grades.