Our students are creating a temporary onsite café at Doncaster Deaf Trust as part of their life skills and enterprise learning, but they need donations.

The group are looking to create an eclectic feel to the café and are hoping that local businesses and members of the community will help.

Student, Lisa Bowater, said: “We are really looking forward to getting started with our café project but we need things like teapots, tablecloths, picture frames and mirrors to help us to get the café looking good and to make sure that we have all the equipment we need.

“We also need small tables to seat two people, chairs, ornaments, lamps, cushions, curtain poles and lamps. It sounds like a long list, but we know that there are lots of kind people out there who will have recently bought new things and might have some spare to donate.”

The onsite café and Enterprise Shop will be run onsite by the students for students and visitors to the site to enjoy an outdoor or take away drink.

Beckie Loosemore, our assistant principal, said: “We are extremely excited about this project and can’t wait to see the student’s temporary café and Enterprise Shop take shape.

“Eventually they would like to turn a space on the Trust site into a permanent café and Enterprise Shop but we’ll need to fundraise for that. For now, the donations of items will really help them to get the first coffee ready to go!”

Please email enterprise@cscd.ac.uk to arrange to drop off donations or for them to be collected.