Georgia Smith is a student at Communication Specialist College Doncaster, in our parent voice blog, Alison Smith, Georgia’s mum, explains how she has seen a real improvement in her daughter’s happiness and wellbeing as a result of being at the college.


Georgia has been a student at Communication Specialist College Doncaster (CSCD) for about 18 months now. Sadly, she has missed a lot of face-to-face time at college due to the pandemic as she is classed as Extremely Clinically Vulnerable and had to shield for most of last year.

She absolutely loves her time at college, she enjoys every single minute while she is there, and she suffers with her anxieties when she is not able to attend. However, the college team are doing an amazing job supporting Georgia, as well as other students.

I work in a school and I am extremely impressed with how she is being supported with her wellbeing and work. They do at least 2 to 4 Teams/Zoom calls a day with her and involve her with all her lessons.

The teachers are extremely supportive and understanding of her and the quality of their work and teaching is amazing.

Last year they sent out regular packages of work for her to complete and the last few terms they have emailed her worksheets and given her websites to work on.

In these tough times the team there have proven to me as a parent that my daughter matters to them and have made sure she is kept busy throughout the college day.

They have also helped me with regular contact and support. This is why I fought for over a year to get her into CSCD, I knew they would look after and care for Georgia.

Whenever I see the Zoom lessons all the other students look happy and content. This college for me has been a life saver for her both mentally and physically. 

She is enjoying all her courses and is learning Catering and Hospitality, ICT, Functional English and Maths, Money Management, and Independent Living Skills.

It has been fantastic to see Georgia’s happiness and mental wellbeing improve so much thanks to the college. Her anxieties reduce when she is able to attend and she has a real focus back in her life. This makes her more engaging at home and she even helps me to cook. I feel that we are both not worrying about her future as much.

The online cooking lessons are fantastic, and it was great when they cooked a shepherd’s pie recently – how nice to have tea made for you!

I just want to say a massive thank you from a happy mum, both Georgia and I can’t wait for her to be able to be back in the classroom learning alongside her friends but the efforts that college have gone to, to ensure that all the students are looked after, onsite or at home, has made a real difference.