Our students have been putting their DIY and teamwork skills to the test to create a brand new space that will help them to glean independent living skills.

Following a generous donation from Ikea, students will benefit from having an equipped new area, as we have had to move into separate Hubs (bubbles) across college due to Covid 19. The kitchen will be to support students to learn Independent Living Skills including cooking.

The furniture company - which donated a kitchen, 10 computer tables, two low level tables,12 plastic chairs, two small coffee tables, one small cabinet - has supported students to identify their skills and strengths.

Students worked together in an effective learning exercise to assemble the items while Ikea provided feedback on their communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and self-management, as well as commenting on the fully assembled piece of furniture.

Stacey Betts, our Assistant Principal at Communication Specialist College Doncaster, said: “We’re incredibly grateful to Ikea for their charitable donation which has helped students to reimagine a new space that will be invaluable when it comes to learning skills that will help them become independent individuals.

“Our students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working together to assemble furniture and playing an integral part of creating this new environment for them to learn in. We hope that they have gained some important training during this process that they will take forward in their future.”