The campus at Doncaster Deaf Trust is a massive 24 acres! It contains the nursery, the school, the college, residential accommodation and an employment unit, but there's so much more!

We have always recognised the importance of providing a range of social activities and outlets for our students and so we are able to boast a range of sporting options available on campus. We have two newly re-surfaced (thanks to a grant from Sport England) outdoor sports courts. The courts have a Muga 4 surface, which means it is a soft, sponge like non-slip surface, down to a depth of 8cm, which helps a lot if someone should fall over. Each court is marked out with different coloured lines for different sports including; Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal/Five-a-Side Football and Netball.

We have a huge indoor multi-sports centre and this too is marked out for all of the sports named above but this is also marked out for Badminton (there are four Badminton courts side by side to give you an idea of the size of the place!) We are hoping to a launch a Boccia Club in here very soon too. Though we have a room dedicated to Rebound Therapy, we have a full size Trampoline in here too. Students take their coaching courses in here. Several times each year our sports centre is transformed into a presentation hall and used for both internal and external events. Our Prize Giving, end of terms Awards and Christmas parties are held here.

The same building also houses a completely new and re-equipped gym. It has safe flooring and a range of exercise equipment including stepper machines, running machines, rowing machines, free-weights and a multi-exerciser. 

A short walk away from the sports hall is our very own swimming baths. Though small, it is the only remaining lane-swimming facility in the whole of Doncaster! We have equipment to enable wheelchair users to be lifted into the pool and we have fully qualified pool guards and first-aid qualified staff who supervise swimming sessions. 

No campus would be complete without fields and we have 7 acres worth! Three full-size football pitches and a Rugby pitch are currently marked out but this facility has been used for many sports including Cricket and Athletics - running, jumping and throwing!

Of course, after all of this activity, students, and guests, need somewhere to relax and so we have the Eastwood building which houses a restaurant and lounge, both with fully licensed bars. 

Once upon a time we had a library. It was a little dour, old-fashioned and not particularly welcoming. Now, thanks to £50,000 of grants from the Foyle Foundation and Garfield Weston, it has been transformed into a vibrant, lively, bright and comfortable Study Centre. Our new centre is colour coordinated throughout to provide visual stimulation. It has brand new PCs and central seating, specially designed to accommodate wheelchair users. An interactive Smart Board can be attached to a wall, or taken down and placed on a table, to assist students in their studies. Being internet connected, it's a great way for students to conduct internet searches and researches as a group. A 59 inch internet connected 'Smart' Television is also available here. There are quiet areas, complete with comfy sofas, where students can escape for a while and just read and there's a cafe area. A brand new and fully fitted kitchen is able to provide hot and cold drinks and snacks and soon we will have purchased Barista equipment where students can do their Barista training, as well as enjoy really fresh coffee! I nearly forgot - yes there are books, DVDs and CDs!

Education and Training is why we're here of course and our vocational study areas are truly excellent. The 'Visions' Hair and Beauty Salon is as well equipped as any commercial high street business and is able to cater for any of your hair, nails and make-up needs. Students, family and friends of family are able to book themselves in for a 'treatment' at much less than High Street prices.

Our Horticulture facilities are second to none. Students working in and around our 80 foot greenhouse produce a range of flowers, hanging baskets, and standing displays. In 2015, a range of hanging baskets and standing displays were used by Walker's Nursery at their Chelsea Flower stand and it won a Gold Award! that clearly demonstrates the high standards our students achieve under the excellent tutelage of expert horticulturalist Mark Ogden.

Qualified and experienced mechanics, managed by senior tutor Andy Boothroyd, run our Motor Vehicle Engineering workshop. It's as well equipped as any garage and they undertake a range of mechanical repairs and maintenance tasks; anything from changing tyres and brakes to engine and car body re-builds. It also houses a completely professional spray-painting bay. With over £14,000 worth of spray paints and a computer controlled mixing facility, there's no colour they can't reproduce and the work produced by students is truly outstanding. 

Walking into our Joinery and Carpentry workshop is like entering a wood-filled wonderland. Chris Dykes, Chris Monk and Peter Plant have a wealth of construction and joinery experience between them and the story here is one of outstanding success. Using a £20,000 grant from the People's Postcode Lottery, the Enterprise project has gone from strength to strength. Students assist staff to make a really broad range of products, which are then sold commercially, to raise funds to buy more materials, to sell, to raise get the idea. Students' work counts towards their vocational qualifications and an Enterprise shop, which is currently open for two days per week (we're hoping to increase this) teaches students about marketing and advertising the products, customer service, taking payment and giving change, which is all really valuable experience for a career in retail. In just two days over Christmas 2016, we sold just over £5,000 worth of hand-made wooden ornaments, including really wonderful Reindeers, which everyone loved! You can see these products in our shop.