The catering industry is one of the largest employers in the country. Job opportunities at all levels are becoming increasingly available and more varied. Our Catering programmes are designed for both school leavers and mature learners who have no formal qualifications but do have the enthusiasm and ambition to succeed.

  • Our programmes are designed to provide essential skills needed to find or carry out a job witin the Catering industry
  • Our training facilities and courses reflect the realities of the workplace
  • Students work at a pace that suits them, but are challenged to their level of learning
  • Students increase their confidence and further their practical, communication and therapry skills
  • Students have the opportunity of work placements in a variety of establishments both locally and in their home area to suit the individual learner. These placements and qualifications gained assist the student to secure employment

Level 1 in Food Preparation and Cooking

this course is ideal for those starting out in catering. Level 1 provides you with knowledge on health and safety, food safety and preparing and cooking a variety of dishes to cover the ranges in the qualification which include meat, poultry and vegetable dishes.

Level 2 in Professional Cookery

This course involves some complex cooking but is ideal for those who want to become a head chef. You will learn a variety of cooking techniques and use some of the industry related catering equipment to produce your dishes. This course can help you become a chef or progress to a more senior chef's role. it provides you with a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the importance of health and safety, food safety and preparation, cooking and finishing a variety of dishes including stock, soups, vegetable, meat and poultry dishes.

Additional Information

Underpinning knowledge is further enhanced by undertaking and becoming involved in:

  • Organised industrial and Residential visits
  • Competitions
  • Work Placements-Local and National
  • Fine food and theme evenings