Dickson House

Dickson House children's home is a children's home for young people who are Deaf/Hearing Impaired and who attend Doncaster School for the Deaf. There is an increasing need for this type of facility within Doncaster and we would like to fulfill that need by building a new children's home.

Of course, to do that means raising the money to make it happen; around £600,000! We have the space within our campus grounds to do it and we have planing permission. What we really need now is your help to make it a reality.

Why it's Needed

Some children in the UK suffer more when it comes to education and lack of opportunity later in life; children with disabilities and children in care. Children in care who are also disabled are doubly disadvantaged and so we try to level that playing field by providing a loving, caring, safe home whilst at the same time providing a first class education.

We've been helping, teaching and supporting Deaf children since 1829, so we're starting to get good at it, but we can do more. Please help us to help others.