A student from Communication Specialist College Doncaster is getting an insight into the world of work thanks to a Supported Internship at the town’s Chamber of Commerce.

Robyn Cooper, aged 20 has been studying at Communication Specialist College Doncaster since September 2015 and with the help of her Social Worker and the team at the college she secured a work experience placement at Doncaster Chamber of Commerce through the summer.

Rachael McEwan from Doncaster Chamber of Commerce said: “It has been a real pleasure to work with Robyn, she has worked with us throughout the summer and has been a great addition to the team.

“Due to the success of the work experience we were thrilled to accept Robyn on a Supported Internship which will see her continue to work across all the Chamber departments for two days a week until Christmas in an administrative role.”

Robyn is continuing with her academic studies for two days a week and is really enjoying the experience.

She said: “I am learning a lot of new skills at Doncaster Chamber and the team are all very welcoming and friendly.

“It is good to be at college for two days a week and working for two days a week as it will help me to grow my skills and confidence for when I finish College and start to look for a job.

“I want to say thank you to the team at College who helped me to get the Supported Internship with the Chamber and thank you to the Chamber for having me.”

Communication Specialist College Doncaster is part of Doncaster Deaf Trust and provides specialist education for people with communication problems including people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or on the autistic spectrum.

Suzie Beaumont from Communication Specialist College Doncaster said: “When Robyn joined us in 2015 she was a quiet, shy young lady. In the time that Robyn has been with us she has amazed us all by her commitment to achieve a range of qualifications, including a Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration and a Level 2 Certificate in IT along with Employability skills and English and Maths qualifications.

"Through her achievements and through taking part in a range of work experience opportunities, Robyn’s confidence has grown over time. We hope that the experience at Doncaster Chamber of Commerce will continue to support Robyn to grow and shine.”

Robyn has social communication difficulties, which can mean that she finds communicating with unfamiliar people difficult. She can misunderstand some social situations and may sometimes respond inappropriately. Despite her difficulties, Robyn has always been determined to achieve all she can.